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【Domestic and Overseas Trip】

We made arrangements for each travel agency product and made-to-order.
・Nippon Travel Agency package tour(Japanese Railway ticket)
・Kinki Nippon Tourist package tour(Kintetsu Railways ticket)
・plane ticket(ANA・JAL・SKYMARK・LCC)

【Business trip and event arrangement】

Arrangements for transportation such as air tickets and Shinkansen,hotel,meeting rooms required for business trips.

【Travel support】

The travel of those who need consideration requires the support and preparation of people around you. Please feel free to contact us  if you have difficulty going out alone. We'll visit you where you want to go and ask for requests for going out or traveling. We will also practice and support the way you traveling go out. We also provide communication support for people language disabilities. We will accompany you if you need help.We support with the same eyes.

【Give a lecture】

We will talk about our awareness of facing intractable diseases and disorders. Let's think together about what we can do individually to create a society that is comfortable for everyone. We will also tell you how to communicate and support from the perspective of the parties. It is a very valuable place of understanding for those who do not usually have contact disabled people.


【Rental of travel goods】

・Mobile wi-fi
・Manual wheelchair

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